There are many powder paint service companies in operation, and in this article we will review one of the best powder paint companies in Iran. Ghasemi Powder Paint Company located in Jajroud is a manufacturer of powder paint that operates with the best quality and the lowest price.
The price of Ghasemi powder paint services is affordable and lower than other companies.




َشرکت های خدمات رنگ پودریPowder paint service companies
Powder paint service companies

Powder paint or electrostatic paint service companies produce a powder-like paint that is often used for metal surfaces. which is sprayed on the desired surface after being placed in the gun and charged. The attraction of positive and negative magnetic charge causes the paint to stick to the surface. After spraying the surfaces, they are placed in the oven. Heat causes the color particles to melt and the coloring process ends. This paint can be recycled and reused.

The best powder paint service company

The best powder paint service company should have the basic quality of ingredients that Ghasemi Powder Service Company supplies to the market by using the best high quality paint materials. Compliance with the principles of respect for the customer and timely delivery of powder paint cartoons is one of the prides of this company.

Ghasemi powder paint service price

If you are also looking for electrostatic furnace paint services and to do this you are looking for electrostatic furnace paint services, Ghasemi Rang can be the best choice for you. In Ghasemi Color, the best electrostatic powder paint services are offered to you at a cheap price and excellent quality. Rang Ghasemi is proud to have the most up-to-date equipment and expert workforce in this field.

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